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It’s Purpose

We want our work to have a powerful impact on your business. Strategy is our guide to align your business with your customers. This fun 3 step planning process gives us a solid base to build our marketing efforts on, allowing us to achieve real, measurable results.

Step 1

User Avatars

Understanding your customers is critical in giving them good service and effectively marketing to them. Our first exercise in strategy is to create user avatars, personas based on the clientele you want to reach. This will give us a clear understanding of who your customers are, what they want, and how you can exceed their expectations.

Step 2

Brand Definition

Your business needs to communicate in a consistent way in order to create a recognizable brand. This 6 part exercise helps unearth key traits that are making up your business’s image such as company culture, voice, and impact. At the end of this you will be left with a clear understanding of your role in the market, what makes you special, and how you can align your company with your customers.

Step 3


Once we understand both you and your customers, it’s time to take action. The third part of strategy is to prioritize what services or products you offer based on how they effect your bottom line. We will also prioritize marketing efforts to make sure that you are getting the best return on investment.

After going through all three steps we will have a deep understanding of how to grow your business effectively. We will understand the alignment between your customers and your business, and we will prioritize revenue sources and marketing efforts.

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